The Federation of Special Care Dentistry stands upon 7 pillars, and is resolved to :

Create a platform for oral healthcare professionals who provide clinical services to people with disabilities and improve the quality of oral healthcare for this section of society.

Aid reforms & integrate special care dentistry in the standard dental practices so that no person with disability is left without access to quality oral health services.

Conduct oral health education programs for the promotion of oral health awareness and utilization of services available for special healthcare needs.

Create a forum for oral healthcare professionals, experts and caregivers where they can communicate & exchange experiences and ideas with regard to caring for patients with disabilities, & stay abreast with the latest advancements in this domain.

Disseminate specialized information on recent developments to members in periodic meetings or conferences, through training programmes such as Continuing Professional Development Modules, and through scientific publications in its Journal.

Encourage research, & undertake efforts to incorporate relevant curriculum in standard Dental education to increase awareness, sensitivity & subject matter expertise among students for oral care in persons with disabilities.

Establish alliances with national & international governmental bodies for visionary advocacy and allied healthcare organizations with the primary purpose of achieving holistic healthcare.


“Rethinking Dental Care – A Journey of Inclusion, Involvement and Integration of Special Care Dentistry into the norm.”

The Federation of Special Care Dentistry is an avant-garde exclusive association of healthcare practitioners & people from all walks of life who engage, collaborate & work together, committed to a common goal of inclusive oral healthcare, covering the complete spectrum of people with special needs.

We envisage to uphold the ethos of the highest nature – solidarity & service to humankind; and believe that equitable access to oral health care is fundamental, regardless of a person’s ability, or lack there-of.

“Health is a state of complete physical, intellectual and social wellbeing, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity, in order to lead a socially and economically productive life”, and maintenance of oral health is indispensable to achieve positive general health.

Routine dental practices do not include the multi-dimensional requirements & expertise needed for treatment of the impaired or disabled. There is a distinct lack of sensitivity towards the dynamics of this section of the society. Thus, in the spirit of Universal Health Coverage, it is imperative that wider understanding be built and access to oral health care for people with disabilities be made impartially & proportionately available.

Collaborative Care is the key to ignite change for eliminating health care disparities. The Federation of Special Care Dentistry, with the aid of professionals who have an ardent passion to serve & a dedicated approach aiming to leave no one behind, endeavours to undertake solemn responsibility for the maintenance of positive oral health of persons with disabilities. This shall be done by providing accessible channels & appropriate platforms for promoting education, research and enriching the delivery of oral health care to people with disabilities, special needs, and other developmental disorders.

We look forward to collaborate and/or extend our expertise with any individual, group or organization, national or international, with similar ideas, ideals, goals and objectives, to provide holistic health outcomes for this community.