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  Web Lecture series on Special Care Dentistry in collaboration with Kenya Association of paediatric dentists.      

FSCD Webinar : 21.02.2023

  21.02.2023 Watch Video
1.Autism – a view from withinDr. Priya Verma3/9/20Video
2.What does it take to perform special care dentistry ? – A commitment, experience or a degree?Dr. Santosh Ravindran9/9/20Video
3.Epilepsy – Recognising seizures & managementDr. Puja Grover17/9/20Video
4.Epilepsy dental managementDr. Priya Verma17/9/20Video
5.Nitrous Oxide Inhalation Sedation in dental practiceDr. Srinivas Namineni1/10/20Video
6.Provision of dental treatment under general anaesthesia for patients with special health care needsDr. Sreekanth Kumar Mallineni8/10/20Video
7.Managing patients with cerebral palsy in dental officeDr Gyanendra Kumar15/10/20Video
8.Overview of cleft care, PNAM and primary surgeryDr. Vikram Shetty5/11/20Video
9.Management of a child with cleft in the early yearsDr. Gayathri Moghe12/11/20Video
10.Role of comprehensive orthodontic in cleft patientsDr. O P Kharbanda19/11/20Video
11.National Webinar on oral healthcare for people with disabilities – live NagpurDr. Srinivas Namineni & Dr. Priya Verma09/02/21Video
12.Dentistry before and after COVID pandemic – A way out, Organised by Dr Salahuddin-al-Azad S Shohag, Country ambassador (Bangladesh) on the occasion of World dentist dayDr. Priya Verma & Dr. Sreekanth Kumar Mallineni06/03/20Video
13.Managing Children with ASD in the Dental Clinic : Recommended Behavioural ApproachesDr. Ahmad Faisal Bin Ismail30/04/21Video
14.What people with Intellectual & Development Disabilities & Care providers need to know about Covid-19 VaccinesDr. Puja Kapoor13/05/21Video
15.FSCD Website Launch ProgramFSCD15/05/21Video
16.Periodontics in Special Care DentistryDr. Anirudh B Acharya14/6/21Video
17.Oral health care for persons with DisabilityDr Santosh Ravindran21/6/21Video
18.Good oral practices for people with disabilitiesDr. Sham S Bhat30/6/21Video
19.Immunological considerations for people with special health care needsDr. Mayur Kaushik09/7/21Video
20.Oral health care for people with special needsDr. Premila Naidu28/7/21Video
21.Acquiring soft skills while Dealing with patients of ASDMs. Cinu Philip29/7/21Video
22.Oral health and Dental care for visually challengedDr. Deepti Jawa24/8/21Video